Fleeting Moments at Whistler’s New Playground

Visitors to Whistler, BC no longer bump into Olympic athletes — but we still get to enjoy the games’ legacies. One of the coolest, most-kid friendly new fixtures is the 13,000-square-foot Whistler Accessible Playground.

This nature-themed playground, completed right before the February 2010 games, offers a true multi-sensory experience. At the playground, I took photos of my kids in action as they hid in the hollowed-out tree trunk, scrambled up onto a bobcat statue’s back and struggled to hold onto the merry-go-round disc.

It’s funny — when I started shooting several years ago, I was frustrated when photographing my fast-moving children. I wanted to stop movement, blur and action. I wanted to freeze that ruby smile instead of seeing a pink smudge across the print. I bought smart, fast, fixed lenses.

But then, as I came along, I wanted to show the action. The speed at which children approach life, and just keep going.

So here, I’ve tried to capture my son’s hesitation, even as he shoots down the slide.

Whistler BC playground
Slipping down the roller slide at Whistler’s accessible playground

But my daughter wants to swing higher and faster, and the world (mostly) keeps still.

Sled-style swing at Whistler’s accessible playground

Do you have any questions about travel photography and kids? About Whistler?

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  • Amber Turnau

    Hey Lora,

    Great to hear that you had fun while in Whistler and fun photos! It’s a great place for families, insn’t it? Next time you guys are in town, let us know and we’ll get you and your family a few sightseeing tickets to check out the alpine and the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. 🙂


  • Lora

    Thanks Amber. We did go on the gondolas on this visit, I’ll post about the journey soon. Let’s just say that I’m a better gondola rider in winter, when fog limits visibility.