Seattle Airport with Kids: Play Areas, Rocking Chairs and More

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest, with non-stop flights daily to places like Paris, Dubai and Amsterdam. Whether you’re jetting for a distant land or coming into Seattle to enjoy the salmon and (evasive) sun, the Seattle Airport offers great play areas and one of the best central terminal areas I’ve seen in the world. Pull a rocking chair up to the massive windows and enjoy the view.

Seattle-Tacoma Airport Rocking Chairs with Kids

Play Areas for Kids at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

The airport’s cute play area attracts families to the intersection of the A and B concourses. (Here’s a map of the Seattle airport) It’s a lifesaver if a flight is delayed, or you need to check in extra early for an international flight. There’s seating for adults, and plenty for toddlers and preschoolers to do — kids love playing on the giant toys shaped like airport mainstays.

Children's Play Area at Sea-Tac

Children’s Play Area at Sea-Tac


In the restroom, there’s a child-sized step to make using the bathroom a little easier.

If you’re looking for a slower pace, the “Quiet Zone” at the B4 gate might be perfect for the family who’s seeking some peace from a hectic airport. Curl up with a book or a sleeping baby.

Family Restrooms at the Seattle airport

All restrooms have children’s changing facilities. There are also 13 family restrooms: one at the North Satellite, four at the South Satellite (including the train level), five on the A Concourse, two on B Concourse, one on D Concourse.

Areas for Nursing Moms at Sea-Tac

The play area offers a nursing room with a rocking chair.

Of course, in Washington State, moms are free (and encouraged) to nurse wherever they like, whenever they like. I’m not making it up — it’s a Washington State law. While it’s fine if you don’t breastfeed, breastfeeding in public is very normal throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Rocking Chairs at Sea-Tac: Fun for everyone

Near the gorgeous, floor-to-ceiling central terminal window, Sea-Tac offers wooden rocking chairs, so you can rock a toddler and watch the aircraft on the airfield. Or let the kids rock while you eat lunch (this area is essentially the dining area for the food court).

Seattle-Tacoma Airport Rocking Chairs with Kids

Central Terminal Sea-Tac Rocking Chairs: Fun with Kids

“The central terminal debuted in 2005 and the rocking chairs became so popular they were virtually loved to death,” says Perry Cooper, airport media manager at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. “Our carpentry shop kept having to repair them when they broke to get them back out in the area. Since then we’ve ordered more than two dozen more and they are now found throughout the airport at different gates looking out the windows – even though they are supposed to be just for the central terminal.”

Family Extras: 

Like many airports in the U.S., Sea-Tac airport’s TSA also offers a time-saving family lane — look for it when you join the security line, or ask someone for help in finding it, particularly if you’re pushing a stroller.


Thanks to Perry Cooper for background information. Photos Courtesy Port of Seattle/Don Wilson.

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