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    Things to Do with Kids in Semiahmoo and Birch Bay, Washington

    Semiahmoo Resort and Birch Bay offers an escape that feels hours away — but a mere 15 minutes from Bellingham and 50 minutes from Vancouver, BC.  Spend a weekend at this laid-back, waterside location and experience total relaxation. Oh, and did I mention that it’s great for kids too? There’s just enough to do not to feel bored, but not so much that you feel lmust hurry-hurry all weekend. Semiahmoo Resort sits on a long spit with picturesque views of Semiahmoo Bay and White Rock, BC. It’s great weekend getaway with kids, and the resort strives to offer families plenty of fun little extras. Things to Do with Kids at…

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    How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

    Yes, this is just like a Cliff Notes vesion of “What I did on my summer vacation” essay you remember from a few years (or decades) ago. Where did you go this summer? A new coast escape? A time-treasured family cabin? Someplace close? A day trip? A weekend getaway or two weeks away? I visited a few spots, too, mostly for work. It was a mix of day-long road trips, weekend getaways and one or two longer sojourns. Our last trip logged an extra 821 miles on our long-suffering Honda. So look for family travel blog posts in the near future on: Semiahmoo Resort, Washington Whistler, BC. Kitsap Peninsula, Washington…