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  • Green Bean Books, Portland.
    Seattle,  Vancouver Metro,  Victoria

    The Best Kids’ Bookstores in Cascadia

    Cascadia is one of the most-literate regions in North America. Don’t just take my  word for it – check out where Seattle and Portland rank on “America’s Most Literate Cities” — number one and number six, respectively. Arts groups in Vancouver are working on getting the city designated as one of UNESCO’s “Cities of Literature.” Readers tend to raise kids who love to read. We also support our independent children’s bookstores, which offer a great combination of wise advice and the best of kids’ books. Kids bookstores sell unique souvenirs; you won’t find these region-specific titles at home. Better than just another t-shirt! Here’s the list of my favorite children’s…

  • Beacon Hill Petting Zoo

    Victoria Pick: Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

    Yesterday, one of Victoria, B.C.’s most wonderful (and affordable) little attractions reopened after a winter hiatus. Beacon Hill Children’s Farm’s menagerie of farm animals, peacocks and flamboyantly-crowned chickens offers an off-the-beaten path experience to visiting families. There are bunnies and donkeys to fawn over, plus a bird-filled building, where tiny finches flit from branch to branch. Many of these animals have restrictions on touch, so don’t feel disappointed if you can’t hug a pot-bellied pig. But then you arrive at the African Pygmy goat pen, a glorious exception to the rules. In this family favorite, baby and adult goats meander and mill about in a large enclosure. Children mingle with…