Steveston, BC with Kids

Drive past Richmond’s malls and farmland — and you’ll find yourself in the midst of BC’s quaint, walkable fishing village, Steveston. Perfect on a blustery day or a warm summer afternoon, Steveston provides ample opportunity to stretch your legs by walking through village streets – chockablock with unusual fare (a Romanian bakery and a Japanese restaurant, for example), boutiques and simple shops — plus the town’s National Historic Site. Steveston’s a fantastic way to spend a family morning or afternoon. (Photo at right: Statue outside Gulf of Georgia Cannery)

Steveston streets and shops

What to do with kids in Steveston:

Try to decide among the hundreds of toys packed inside Splash Toy Shop (3580 Moncton St.; 604-241-0234)

Pick up a packet of crisps (chips) or package of biscuits (cookies) or pasties at Mary’s British Home Store (3740 Chatham St.; 604-274-2261)

Join a whale-watching, bird-watching or sea-lion-watching tour, or rent a bike via Steveston Seabreeze Adventures. The surrounding area is nice and flat, an easy ride for families — read the Richmond cycling map before you go.

Drive a boat or train, climb on giant wood structures and play in the water park (summer only) at Steveston Community Centre.

Playground at Steveston Community Centre

Steveston Community Centre playground

Put on a coat and head into the 1894-built Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, built of wood frame and heavy timber. The cannery is as chilly as the day it was in use. The interior is an exercise in grotesque fascination – plenty of bloody fish gut photos, ew, and trivia facts on why, exactly the workers wore broad-brimmed hats (all those seagulls, don’tcha know). On the boat replica, be sure to check the bathroom. You’ll find it in eh…use. On special weekends, craft projects help entertain younger kids.

Gulf of Georgia Fish Cannery

Cans at the Cannery

kid-friendly Steveston cannery

A mock shop inside the cannery

Fly kites at Garry Point Park.

Browse urchins, salmon and the fresh catch of the day among over 600 fishing boats at Steveston Public Fish Sales Float (Fisherman’s Wharf).

Steveston Fishermans' Wharf

Fishing ships at the Steveston Wharf

Don’t want to filet and cook your own? Neither did I. Split the First Mates Platter (Two scallops, two shrimps, two oyster and piece of salmon, cod or halibut) at Dave’s Fish and Chips. and split the massive fresh feast with your partner. Kids’ meals run $5.95 each, with a choice of cod, salmon, clam strips, shrimp or chicken fingers, plus chips, beverage and dessert. Another option: Pajo’s Fish and Chips, open seasonally.

Dave's Fish and Chips Steveston

Dave's Fish and Chips, a kid-friendly Steveston restaurant

Browse adorable kids’ clothing fashions at Buttons & Soles, then walk along Steveston’s wide wooden boardwalk.

Steveston kid-friendly boardwalk

Steveston boardwalk

Do you have a favorite kid-friendly restaurant or kid-friendly activity in Steveston, BC? Leave a note below:

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  1. Allison Bay says:

    I totally agree – Steveston is a lot of fun. Luckily my husband has to travel up there for work every couple of months and our 3 boys and I always gladly go with him. We’ve had fish and chips at 2 restaurants there (one is called the Charthouse Restaurant which is located above the fishing boats, and you can see it in your last photo above). If you have more time there is also a pool, but we haven’t been there yet. One thing to note – it is allowed to bring seafood back into the US from Canada. The first several times we were up there we were not sure if it would be confiscated. We asked around, and the last time we went we brought 4 or 5 pounds of shrimp and 6 salmon with us. We told the border police we had this with us and they had no problem with it.

  2. Thanks, Allison.

  3. Oh we love Steveston too. Outpost Donuts, Screamers, the Sweet Spot and Ichiros:)

  4. Awesome, thanks, Terumi!

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